Memo Protocol Posting how-to

You can easily post to the Memo protocol.

The quickest method is to go to


and get your start posting there. both sites are easy to learn on. ======================================================= For the truly adventurous who already use or You can also post directly to the BCH blockchain using the desktop version of the ElectronCash.ORG wallet You can see here a sample image of how the ElectronCash wallet appears as you prepare to post:
Four points must be set correctly:

1. Send to your own address (test it first!)
   [you can certainly send to others using the post but be careful,
    it is easy to make mistakes with this method.]

2. The dust limit (546_satoshis = 0.00000546_BCH) is big enough for testing 

3. You must use the "Raw hex script" -!- be sure this is set before "send"

4. The script is simple but changes for different kinds of MEMOs.
   For this example (which is good enough for almost anything anyway)
   we will use the "6d02" method which simply creates a basic memo POST.

Memo scripts always begins with "026d" 
and for simple posts it begins like this:
 "02" instructs that the next code has two bytes.
 "6d02" is the two-byte Memo code for a POST.

The next two digits are a hexadecimal count
 of how many bytes are in the message body.
This is a gross simplification of a very complex construct,
 enough for simply posting text and sending money
The OP_RETURN script length limit for the BCH blockchain is 223 bytes.
The maximum number of bytes you can pack into a memo POST is 217:

One byte is used to declare how many bytes are in the text.
A single character is not necessarily one byte.]

You can try this simple tool to generate a memo protocol "POST":

Enter your message into this box:
length of memo text: 

This is the resulting hexadecimal code
 representing the memo Text you provided:
 You can edit this field to see how it changes the output.

This is what you would paste into the ElectronCash OP_RETURN field.
Enable the "raw hex script" option then 
 Copy this and paste it into the OP_RETURN field:

length of memo text: length of final script: and this is the decoded version to illuminate any suprises such as missing characters. There may be many instances when this check fails. Most of those problems will simply be missing fonts, etc. This is simply a tool you may use at your own risk, or not.